Thank you for visiting The Smokery! Barbecue has been a passion of mine for 10 years and eventually grew into a business where my wife and I operated a food truck. I recently graduated from medical school and continue to smoke meat as one of my favorite pastimes.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking in a variety of ways, but smoking meat quickly became my favorite method. A combination of science, art, patience, and meticulousness turned into a mouth-watering delicacy that people enjoyed eating.

I spent years researching and experimenting with all different methods, recipes, smokers (even home built) to make the best barbecue I possibly could.

This is such a fun pastime and I want to share it with you!


I love to grill. To me, food tastes better and you get to cook outdoors! I wanted to venture into the realm of cooking meat slowly. Something enticed me to cook large chunks of meat until they were fork tender and full of flavor. Maybe this is what is enticing you as well.

So my adventures in barbecue began with a brisket in a Bandera. For those of you not long in the tooth, the Bandera was the gold standard offset smoker of the day. To me, it’s like a classic car. It works and runs well when you figure out how to adjust it (mechanical guys and gals know where I’m coming from). The first comment on my first brisket was “good flavor grandson, however, it’s hard to chew on a boot”. Yeah… thanks, GDad. Has anyone been here before? I cooked it to medium rare (like you would a steak) and served it up. Well, I learned brisket doesn’t give up the ghost at 125 (can I get a witness?).

I decided to go with an electric smoker next. This would allow me to not worry about temperature control and focus on recipes and tenderness. After getting those down, I decided to build my own smoker. It was a propane indirect water cooker and worked quite well. This is the smoker I put into service for The Smokery in Abilene, Texas. It could hold 36 twenty-pound briskets or 18 whole turkeys.

My wife and I eventually sold the food truck as I was about to begin my career in medicine (my lifelong dream). I still cook regularly and frequently think back to the time I started cooking and wish I had someone to guide me through a lot of the details. This is what I am going to do for you!


Smoking meat began in Africa as a way to preserve meat. It has grown into a popular sport and has as many flavors as it does people cooking it. I’m saying this intentionally. Making barbecue your own is a masterpiece only you paint. It is a blank canvas ready for a plethora of flavor profiles. This makes it fun. There are as many wrong ways to do it as there are right. Cook to the flavor and tenderness you and others enjoy. If you want to enter the competition realm, you will have to adjust to the taste buds of the judges, which is beyond the scope of this site.


  • I will teach you how to smoke a variety of meat
  • I want you to enjoy it
  • I will guide you as to what you need to cook well
  • Follow what I say and you won’t have people chewing on a “boot”

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,